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About me

Welcome to my website where I am showing a selection of work that I've done over the past few years. It's a collection of the subject matter that most interests me and explores my fascination with different mediums which includes painting, drawing, photography, and most recently, mosaics.

My work follows a figurative tradition - I enjoy observing what's around me, the people I meet, the views and destinations I find myself wondering around and towards. Here, drawing from life including the figure and portraiture, is a constant activity for me - whether in ink, pencil, pastels, or mixed media and informs my art in all areas. I've also always been fascinated by other artists and enjoy drawing in museums, finding inspiration in images and subjects that I try to express in contemporary ways.

Currently, I am working on mosaic art and am intrigued by the blurring of boundaries between working from direct observation to playing with tiles, materials, surfaces, and developing them into more simplified motifs merging contemporary and traditional techniques. I'm influenced by a number of things such as Asian and Islamic Art, and increasingly inspired by decorative Art Nouveau and mosaic artists such as Gaudi.

Along the way, I've also done a website design course, worked with art education projects in Peru, and closer to home, taught art to children of all ages in schools and in the community. (Click here for my tutor profile) I've been working on mosaic commissions, both interior and exterior 'canvases', which has extended the possiblities of my creative world.

More information about my education work with schools and commissions can be found on the other pages. I hope you enjoy browsing the galleries pages too, and any comments or interest in the work is welcome.

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